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Matabi Evolution 12 Compression Backpack Sprayer - 12L

Matabi Evolution 12 Compression Backpack Sprayer - 12L

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With long-term health and safety in mind, the Matabi Knapsacks' distinctive design offers improved accuracy and better coverage with less pumping and less waste. The hose attaches to the top of the knapsack to prevent unintentional chemical leaks. Maximum leak protection, a three-position pressure regulator with three settings (Free flow, 1.5 bar, and 3 bar), two operator protective masks, a dosage measuring jar with a capacity of 100 ml, and two extra replacement seals are just a few of its features. Ergonomics, functionality, technology, and aesthetics have all been carefully considered. The pump lever is vertically moved to create pressure, which compresses the air in the pressure chamber.

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