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Petgood Insect Enriched Dog Dental Sticks 7pk

Petgood Insect Enriched Dog Dental Sticks 7pk

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Enriched with nutritious Australian insect protein and active ingredients that promote oral health and dental hygiene:
\nVitamin C for improved gum health
\nAustralian Kelp to reduce plaque build-up
\nParsley and Mint to freshen the breath
\nSodium Hexametaphosphate to reduce tartar formation
\nZinc for oral bacteria inhibition
\nContains vegetable fibers for a brush effect in the oral cavity; as well as a unique star shape to promote active chewing.
\nLow in calories; suitable for individuals sensitive to fat.
\nSingle (animal) protein source product, suitable for individuals with dietary sensitivities.

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