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Rabbit Trap - Burrow Hole

Rabbit Trap - Burrow Hole

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Introducing the Rabbit Trap – the perfect way to keep rabbits from making burrows in your garden. This trap is built for convenience and ease of use, providing an easy, effective solution for pest control.
\nOur innovative rabbit trap is designed to be inserted directly into a burrow hole, allowing you to baited or sprung in no time at all! Once inside the trap, a one-way door provides an effective capture solution – when the rabbit pushes against it on the way out of its burrow, it closes and traps them inside. To ensure maximum effectiveness and prevent escape routes, we recommend blocking off other exit points with dirt or other materials.
\nThe trap itself measures 62cm in length and 15cm in width – just enough room to let rabbits enter while keeping them securely trapped inside. Thanks to its secure design and effective build quality, you can rest assured that this product will bring you results without fail.
\nSo if you’re looking for an effortless solution to your pest problem, look no further than our Rabbit Trap!

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