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7 Ton Electric Hydraulic Wood Log Splitter

7 Ton Electric Hydraulic Wood Log Splitter

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Our 7 Ton Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter is your portable tool for converting logs into firewood. It efficiently splits large logs up to 50cm in length to make your winter prep more convenient.
\nThis brand new electric log splitter consistently delivers 7 tons of pressure for quick and efficient performance. With its single-lever operation, auto-return ram and side safety rails, this log splitter is exceptionally safe and user-friendly. It also has a triple reinforced splitter head and solid steel frame for lasting durability.
\nWith a standard 240v motor and 3-pin plug, this unit only needs a power source to get going. It's purely electric, which means that the unit does not emit fumes from petrol or diesel. Additionally, you can use it in a low-ventilation area such as a shed or garage.
\nStability is provided by the 2 wide-stance front legs, while the 19.5cm wheels allow for hassle-free transportation. Simply pick up the front end by the handle and the unit will tip back onto its wheels. You can also use it on a workbench to make things easier on your back.
\nWith its reliable splitting action, this electric log splitter is perfect for use in backyards or small rural properties. You can trust it to get the job done!
\nContinuous 7-ton splitting force
\n2000W Electric Motor
\nHydraulic Seal system minimises risks of leaks
\nSuperior oil filtration for low maintenance
\nAuto Return Ram
\nTriple-reinforced splitting head
\n19.5cm wheels for easy portability
\nAUS/NZ-standard dual redundancy safety
\nMax. Log Length: 50cm
\nWidth capacity: 50mm - 250mm
\nPeak power input: 240v 10A
\nDimensions: L960mm x W280mm x H440mm
\nGross Weight: 51kg
\nHydralic oil included in the machine
\nPower: 2000W
\nVoltage: 240V / 50Hz
\nMax. Splitting Force: 7 Ton
\nMax. Splitting Length: 500mm
\nMax. Ram Travel: 390mm
\nLog Diameter: 50-250mm
\nCycle Time: 10s
\nHydraulic Oil Capacity: 3.0L
\nElectric Log Splitter
\nUser Manual

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