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All Fur You Anti-Splash Dog Water Bowl White

All Fur You Anti-Splash Dog Water Bowl White

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Some dogs love to splash water all over the floor. Or they can't help making a mess, because their big adorable jowls always end up dangling in the water as they drink. Other dogs love to go on road trips, and need a water bowl that's up for the challenge.\n\nMeet the All Fur You Anti-Splash Dog Bowl - the solution to all your water woes! Its smart floating plate lets your dog press down and drink. No mess, no spills. And it's ideal for road trips, too!\n\nMade from plastic, with a removable outer rim and floating plate\nDesigned for cats and dogs - however, the Anti-Splash Bowl is quite large, and not suited to kittens or very small dogs\nFill the Anti-Splash Bowl with water and the floating plate sits on top\nTo drink, your pet will need to either drink from the centre of the bowl or press down on the floating plate to make the water level rise\nPrevents your pet making a mess as they drink\nIdeal for your pet's crate, or in the car, as the car's motion won't cause the bowl to spill\nAlso perfect for dogs with large jowls - they can drink without dipping their jowls into the water\nKeeps your pet's water clean for longer\nDishwasher safe

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