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Humane Animal Trap Cage

Humane Animal Trap Cage

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It can only get better with the Giantz Petrol Post Driver/Jackhammer. With its two-in-one capability, this ultimate machine can drive and hammer with ease. Backed by a powerful 900W 36cc air-cooled 2-stroke motor with a max 6500rpm, the machine provides good heat dissipation at all times.
\nThe accurate thumb throttle control ensures precise speed with an easy-start hand-pull system while the shockproof hand grip provides for fatigue-free operation even with prolonged use.
\nNo job is too tough for the drive function as the machine can be adapted to fit different sleeves for different piles. Likewise, the machine can also do various groundbreaking work with either a flat or pointed chisel. Not least, the ensemble comes with a host of bonus accessories including a bonus tool kit and oil proportioning container for hassle-free use.
\nPowerful petrol engine 36cc 2-stroke
\n2-in-1 driver and hammer function
\nShockproof rubber gripped handles
\nAccurate thumb throttle control
\nToughened crankshaft
\nBall bearing construction
\nTwo solid iron chisels
\nTwo post guide sleeves
\nHardened hammer pin
\nLittle maintenance
\nEngineer type: 36mm x 32mm, Single cylinder, air cooling, 2 stroke
\nFuel mixture: 25 gasoline: 1 two -stroke engine oil
\nFuel tank capacity: 0.9L
\nDisplacement: 36cc
\nMax power and speed: 900W(1.2hp)/6500rpm
\nMax torque and speed: 1.45N.m/5000rpm
\nConsumption rate: ,0.5L/h
\nImpact frequency: 1700~2230bpm
\nImpact energy: 25~45J
\nCarburetor type: Diaphragm 1 E36F-2A 1
\nSpark plug type: L6T
\nStarter system: Hand pull start
\nProduct Contents:
\n1 x 2-In-1 Petrol Post driver+ Jack hammer
\n1 x User Manual

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