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PAW Sensitive Skin Shampoo 500ml

PAW Sensitive Skin Shampoo 500ml

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Dogs have different skin requiring different products to keep them look great. When choosing grooming products for dogs, particularly those with sensitive and irritated skin, it is important to choose products with sulphate-free ingredients to avoid ripping off pets fur. This can be a common problem particularly with breeds, such as terriers and retrievers that can be prone to dry, itchy skin, therefore using a nutrient-rich shampoo is necessary to maintain the skin hydrated and healthy.\n\nKey Benefits:\n\nNatural essential oils of rosemary and sandalwood to nourish the skin and provide a fresh pure scent\nMoisturising nutrients with rosehip oil and vitamin B5 to optimise skin hydration and maintain the skin barrier\nHypoallergenic sulphate free for an effective gentle clean without stripping natural oils from delicate skin

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