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Possum Guard Tree Protector Kit

Possum Guard Tree Protector Kit

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Introducing the Possum Guard Tree Protector Kit – a simple, safe and effective way of keeping your treasured trees in tip-top condition! This kit allows you to protect both at-risk and significant trees as well as large fruit trees from the destructive access of possums, koalas and other animals. Utilizing a unique galvanised strip joining system, Possum Guard is simple to install and offers peace-of-mind for anyone who values their garden or botanical collection.
\nWhether you’re looking to protect your valued fruit crop or some beautiful feature trees that take pride of place in your garden, Possum Guard Kit is the perfect solution. The protection that it provides ensures that your gardens remain free from damage caused by wild animals who may be tempted to make themselves at home. On top of this, its innovative galvanised strip design makes it an efficient choice for installers such as councils, botanic gardens and more.
\nFor an effective, humane way of protecting vulnerable trees from animal access, look no further than Possum Guard Tree Protector Kit!
\nFast and simple one person installation
\nDoes Not Damage Tree – no fasteners into the cambium of the tree
\nCan also be used on Utility Assets
\nVery humane, safe and lawful method of deterring animals from climbing trees
\nDimensions: 500mm high x 5m roll
\nClear material – natural trunk colour shows through
\nDurable ultraviolet-resistant polycarbonate
\nGalvanised joining strips
\nComplete kit includes:
\n1 x 5 metre roll x 500mm high
\n6 easy to use joiners
\n24 screws
\nAll you need is a battery drill, tape measure and scissors
\nSome duct tape to hold in position during installation can be useful

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