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Snooza Cooling Comfort Cuddler Medium Powder Grey

Snooza Cooling Comfort Cuddler Medium Powder Grey

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The all-new Cooling Comfort Cuddler comes in a new self-cooling material to keep your pet cool and comfortable. Soft, smooth fabric that is cool to touch perfect for warmer climates or pets with thicker coats. This new fabric (a blend of Nylon and polyethene) has temperature-regulating properties, uses breathable, bacteria and odour-resistant fabric, and has fully removable and washable covers, making it a great summer alternative. The fur-free fabric wicks away moisture, helping to keep your pet cool.
\nThe soft, cosy walls have a deep sleeping area for dogs that like to snuggle and are filled with EcoFresh, made from recycled plastic bottles and zero-waste foam crumb - which is also fully washable and refillable! The covers can be interchanged with any of Snooza's Calming Cuddler beds.
\nLike all Snooza's, this bed is made to last - Buy fewer, buy better

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