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Supreme Science Selective Guinea Pig Food 4kg

Supreme Science Selective Guinea Pig Food 4kg

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Based on scientific research, each of these recipes is loaded with everything your small pet needs to make the most out of every day. And it's seriously tasty, too - just watch as your pet devours every piece. It's everything you need for a healthy, happy pet!\n\nDesigned specifically for guinea pigs of all ages\nMade with natural ingredients, including dried fennel and dandelion, to appeal to your guinea pig's taste buds\nFortified with essential vitamins and minerals to boost your guinea pig's health\nLinseed contains Omega 3 and Omega 6, which encourage healthy skin and a shiny coat\nFibre, as well as prebiotics help keep your guinea pig's digestive system healthy\nBalanced protein levels make it easy for your guinea pig to maintain a healthy weight\nPresented in recyclable packaging

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